What I Learned Waking Up at 5am Everyday

I have never in my life been a morning person, like EVER. The thought of getting up earlier than 9:30 or even 10:00 in the morning for no reason at all seemed nothing short of bonkers.

If you had told me not too long ago that I’d be waking up every morning at 5am and loving every minute of it, I would have laughed at you then promptly pulled the covers over my head, snuggled deeper into my cocoon and fallen back asleep.

Over the years I’ve constantly felt like I was always on the go, never having enough time in the day to do what needed to be done. Let’s be honest, I was putting myself in a situation where I constantly stressed myself out, sleeping a large portion of the day away, then getting so incredibly anxious when I would think of all the tasks that needed to be accomplished that I didn’t even get to. By getting up at 5am I’m reclaiming around five hours of my day, five hours to do with as I please.

Now this is in no way one of those stories you see telling you wake up at 5am to be successful – though I will admit, personally, my productivity has been off the charts – this is simply a different approach, something that has allowed me to attack my day in a better way.

Who knows, maybe you’ll decide to change some things for yourself!

Sunrises are so Magical

When I used to hear people say that the morning was the best part of the day, I would mentally roll my eyes, offering a smile and a polite nod, thinking to myself that they were full of s**t. Turns out, I was the one who was full of it.

I’ve seen countless sunsets in my life, the sky painted in unbelievably beautiful colours, the sun sinking below the horizon saying goodbye as the day ends. What I didn’t expect when I changed my sleeping schedule, was the immense feeling of calm and rejuvenation as I watch the sun peek over the hills in the distance, brining a new beginning every morning.

As I sit each morning with my tea in hand, listening to the songs of the birds, I can close my eyes, let the rays of the first light wash over me and comfortably relax into the calm as I’m recharged by the energy of a new day.

This beautifully simple action every morning gives me the power I need.

Every day is a new beginning.

Consistent Self-Care Time

Before when I’d wake between 9:30 and 10:00 in the morning, everyone else in the house would be awake and I’d dread the day, hating that I didn’t have time to spend alone doing things for myself unless I was hold up in my room.

When I wake up at 5am every morning, I now have me time for anywhere from one to two and a half hours. This is my time to set my intentions for the day without any interruptions.

My first fifteen to twenty minutes after waking up are like heaven on earth, spent physically getting ready; taking a quick shower, filling up the kettle and turning it on, I brush out my hair, and brushing my teeth before going to make my tea. Now, I know this may not seem like a big deal, but in this house, there is only one bathroom and when you’re the last to wake up, you know damn well you’ve gotta wait your turn, not to mention if someone needs to pee, they’re walking in while you’re in the shower.

No thanks!

Once outside, nestled in a chair,this is my time to just focus on myself and nothing else. It’s my time to think about my goals, my dreams and how I’m going to make them a reality.

My journal in hand, I’m able to put pen to paper, expressing my daily gratitudes and journaling. With this morning silence, it’s also the perfect time to do some inner healing; meditation without interruption as well as a daily self reiki session.

The best part is consistency! Waking up this early gives me a consistency or routine if you will, that I so desperately needed. Taking time to truly care for myself in a constant form is one thing I rarely had but always yearned for.

If I had known waking up at 5am would have given me that, I’d have started years ago!

there are so many ways to consistently practice self-care, what are your favorites?

Productivity is Everything!

More time in the day means for working more efficiently!

As a woman who is working on growing a blog and building a company I have so many things that need to be done on the daily. Between creating, studying, and building an empire of my own I was constantly bouncing from one thing to another never finishing what I started before moving to the next thing on my list. This made for complete chaos and confusion, constantly forgetting where I had left off on almost everything which ended up in many projects being done twice.

This newfound alone time in the mornings allows for me to center myself in a calm environment before diving into the pool of tasks I have awaiting me. It also means efficiency. Where I was too frazzled to time block properly before, I now have the ability to see the day in my mind and create a plan of attack, allowing me to focus on one task at a time.

I get more done in one day now than I did in an entire week before!

Less Mindless Activities at Night

I used to wind down the night, mindlessly sitting in front of the T.V., scrolling through my phone, or on my computer, watching the images on the screen pass by my eyes but not really paying any attention. It was just something to do to pass by time.

One of the most important things I learned as I shifted my sleep/wake pattern is that the time I have before going to bed is a time for connection, a time to converse with the people I care about and make that time count.

Another way to make that time count is by using that time to incorporate some more self-care practices. Read a book, take a bubble bath, put on a face mask or even just listen to some music and relax.

Being more mindful of my activities has actually brought more meaning to what I do and has made me more aware of how I spend my time.

There is So Much Energy

I don’t think I’ve ever had so much energy in my life!

Waking up early and having that time for myself has all filled me with what seems to be endless energy.

Before every day felt like it was dragging on and I was chronically exhausted. I’d wake up every morning dreading the thought of getting out of bed, wishing I could sleep the day away. Even when I got out of bed, I wasn’t looking forward to any part of the day ahead of me, especially communicating with others. I had pretty much become a complete hermit.

With simply waking up at 5am, I now enter every morning with an unmeasurable amount of energy, able to enjoy every second of every day. I look forward to the possibility of seeing people and talking to them, I look forward to working and discovering new things.

I now am simply looking forward to experiencing life to the fullest.

I am constantly enamored by the energy flowing through me and how effortlessly it has changed my view of my own existence.


Waking up at 5am may not be for everyone, maybe it’s 6 or 7am. Whatever time it is, waking up early every morning could be just what you need to accomplish everything in your day in a positive and productive way.

Are you a morning person? Have you ever tried getting up at 5am?

If you have, let me know what your favorite part of waking up early is!

Love&Light Always,



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