How to Practice Self-Care and Be More In Touch With Yourself

Self-care, this word is constantly buzzing around on social media and especially in the wellness community, I’ll admit, sometimes it’s a little overwhelming, but there’s definitely a good reason why your eyes are constantly being bombarded with this term.

I believe wholly that a daily self-care ritual is a fundamental need to live a healthy lifestyle, I mean who’s going to take care of you if you won’t?

Personally, I also love that the conversation on health is turning to a more holistic and sustainable way of living. Gone are the days that working out two hours a day, seven days a week and constantly counting calories is the healthiest way to live.

Release that stress and calm yourself, open your eyes to the powers of self-care.

So, before I go on too long about my love of self-care, what is it?

Self-care is the practice of taking time do activities that nurture your mind, body and spirit.

Some examples of self-care are, reading, taking a walk, soaking in a hot bath, colouring or writing, etc.

There really aren’t any wrong ways to practice self care.

Its all about intentionally making time to care for yourself in a way that is healthy, nurturing and positive.

Why is self-care important?

It’s important because you show up for yourself and take the time to care for you and you only, you’re able to become more present in your own life.

Look back on your life, I’m sure there were times where you were constantly running around, doing things for everyone else, never slowing down to just stop and take a breath to center yourself. Your sleep patterns probably poor and the exhaustion causing poor diet and cravings. In these situations, you could end up deciding you don’t want to exercise or you end up over exercising in an attempt to make you feel better.

At times like this we are ignoring the signs our bodies are giving us, telling us we need to slow down.

If we continue to tune out these signals, we’ll eventually burn out. This means you’ll be unable to do any good work, even if its something you love, its what happens when you become mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted.

Take a break, spend time working on yourself, its imperative for restoring energy.

Some people see self-care as an indulgence, maybe you’re one of those people, just know that it really, honestly and truly isn’t. Self-care is a practice that is an important part of your health. When you rest your body and make yourself a priority, so many areas of your life will change for the better.

It’s all about your energy and where you invest it, are you going to put all your energy into everyone and everything else, draining yourself? Or, are you going to take some of that energy, reinvest some of that energy back into yourself and recharge?

How to practice self care?

Honestly, this one is all up to you.

Whether you set aside one day a week to make yourself a priority or you incorporate a self-care practice into each day, its up to you to decide what works best for you and your lifestyle.

Something you must think about though, is how you feel during and after these practices, and making them sustainable.

Everyone is different, activities and time frames that work for one person may not be what you enjoy, or it may not be something that fuels you like it does for someone else.

Try different things, keep track of the what you enjoy and how they make a difference.

Some different ways to start practicing self-care.

Note that some activities may pop up more than once, that’s because these ways of self-care cater to more than one aspect of healing ones self!


When it comes to physical self care its all about physical well being and feeling physically capable to conquer anything afterwards!


It all starts with sleep, without enough z’s our body cannot function to its best ability. So if you need a little pick me up, take a nap!

Get a Hug

Sometimes what we need is physical comfort, a hug is a great way to do that. We all need one sometimes, don’t be afraid to voice it.

Pamper Yourself

Sometimes all we need is that little time to pamper ourselves, whether that means taking a long hot bath, going to get your hair done, or even painting your nails.

It’s okay to just spend time on you!


Doing things like working out, stretching, going for a walk, putting music on and dancing, or yoga are great ways to get your body moving. Release those feel good hormones and be happy in your body.

Healthy Foods

Fueling yourself with a good balanced diet is key to keeping that energy flowing and boosted, it also a great way to incorporate self-care into your day in an easy way.


Maybe you’re feeling stuck, you don’t want to exercise or go for a walk. That’s okay though, you don’t even have to leave your house to clean. Pick up around the house, organize that fridge or those cupboards you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t gotten to.

Bonus, when your space is clean and organized it just feels lighter and better.


Mental self-care, there are so many things you can do to rein everything in and calm yourself, creating optimal mental health.


Read everything and anything, expand your knowledge or kick start your imagination. Reading is a way to make yourself feel good and calm the constant thoughts going through your head at any given time.

Breathing techniques

Sometimes we need calming techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. An easy way to get that relaxation is to breathe, we already do it every second of every day, use this natural tool you already have.

Let’s try it!

Place one hand on your chest and the other on your diaphragm, notice how your body moves with each breath. Each inhale, your chest expanding. Each exhale, your chest falling back down.

Now take a deep breath in through your nose, in your head counting.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

Now Exhaling through your mouth, once again counting, except on the exhale we go a second longer.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six.

Try again, but this time, close your eyes, feel the air as it enters your body, where do you feel it coming into you. Is it your nose, your throat, your chest,or your diaphragm?

This is a mindful breathing technique.

Close your eyes, breathe in and out, do this for five minutes.

Go ahead, I’ll still be right here when you’re done!

Awesome, you’re back! How do you feel? Calmer, lighter, more aware?

Pet an Animal

Animals are extremely intuitive and can feel your vibrations, whether high or low, they can tell when you’re sick or even just feeling off. Petting a dog, cat, cow, horse, sheep, hell, even a pig can bring great amounts of joy and happiness. It can also ground you, if you’re just feeling off or funky it can bring you back to center.

Plus, animals are cute as hell, who wouldn’t feel better around them!?

Create: Doodle/Draw/Paint/Write

Creation gets the mental juices flowing, it allows you to express things you’re feeling but may not be able to express verbally.

Grab a paintbrush, paint, pen, pencil, paper, whatever it is you need to create and just express yourself!!

Turn Off Your Phone/Disconnect

This is a major one!

We go day in and day out constantly checking our phones, messages, scrolling through social media (lets be honest social media isn’t the most positive place), and in turn we end up disconnecting from ourselves, more worried what others are doing. We also become completely oblivious to what is happening in the world in front of us.

Turn off the devices, whether for a certain period every day or disconnecting for one or more full day(s) during the week.


Breathing techniques like the one I stated earlier are great examples of meditation, turning the attention inwards to yourself, breathing mindfully. There are also many guided meditations you can listen to.

Insight Timer is a great collection of guided meditations, mantras and music geared to different aspects of life.


Yoga creates an energetic flow that aids in better health all around but is also great for mental health.

Listen to music

Turn on some feel-good tunes and detach from all the worries and tasks that are weighing you down. Feel the music flow through your body and just allow yourself to escape.


Emotional self-care is key for having a healthy life all around. If we can't be mindful of our emotional self and express ourselves then we'll be so unbalanced as we go on, becoming disconnected from others.

Gratitude List

A gratitude list is an amazing way to go from down to feeling positive, grateful and blessed for all the good in your life.

Write down all the things your grateful for on a chalk board, whiteboard, or in a note book and it’ll be there for you to reflect on.

Go on a Date

We all need time here and there where we connect with someone on an emotional level. You don’t need a partner to go on a date, have a friend date, sibling date, whoever you want to go out with, make a night or day of it.

Talk to Someone

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with the day to day that we just need to talk it out, to vent without any judgement.

Whether its going and talking things out with a therapist or just chatting with a friend, speak about how you’re feeling and just get it off your chest.

Go for a massage

Massages are not only relaxing but a positive way to release emotions that have become stagnant within the body.

Reiki session

Balance those chakras!

A reiki session is an amazing tool to balance and release the stagnant energies that can cause emotional blockages.


Remember its okay to cry!

Sometimes all the emotional release we need is to cry so let it flow, you don’t need to be sad to cry. Just let down the walls and release.


Forgiveness is key!

When you hold on to something that has happened you create blockages within yourself.

Ho’Oponopono is a set of four mantras that work together to take responsibility and ask for forgiveness for holding resentment.

It goes like this:

I’m Sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

Repeat this as you feel necessary.


Once again here is meditation, when you meditate it can balance your emotional self, grounding and centering your emotions so you can become mindful of them.


Spiritual connection through self-care is so incredibly powerful, focusing on your connection to something that serves you with such power is so incredibly rewarding.


I promise, this is the last time I’ll mention meditation in this post!

Sitting down and meditating is a great way to connect to your spirituality and the source in a beautifully mindful way.

Yoga is also a great meditative practice.


Get out and experience all that nature has to offer!

When you connect to nature, you connect to the source in an amazing way. The source is connected to all things and beings.

Get out, walk barefoot and just connect.


Journaling is a positive way to express all that is and all that you are. Just sit down and write, let everything within you flow onto the page.

Sacred space

Creating a sacred space just for you to express yourself in a spiritual way is an amazing form of self care. After the space is created, all that is needed is to continue your regular self care is to enter that space with an open mind and an open heart.


Reiki is so incredibly powerful when it comes to spirituality. In order to connect in the fullest form your chakras must be balanced and flowing freely.

A reiki session is a positive self-care activity that blesses you with abundant energy and connections throughout all aspects of life.

To book a Reiki consultation, contact us!

Expand your knowledge

An amazing spiritual self-care practice is expanding your knowledge, the more you learn, the more you understand.

Creating a practice

Now that you have a few ideas that contribute do different aspects of self care, the next and final step is to create a practice.

How often are you willing to make time for yourself? An hour a day, every day? One day a week, the whole day being geared towards caring for you and only you?

Whatever it is, choose something that you can do with consistency. You don’t have to do the same thing every time, change it up, but always focus on doing what ever makes you feel like the best you that you can be, something that recharges and energizes you.

Remember, this is all for you, no one else!

Love&Light Always,



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