7 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy for a More Positive Outlook on Life

We all have those seemingly endless days where we just feel down, like we have no energy, constantly yawning and watching the hands on the clock, counting down the minutes until the day is over.

On these days, our bodies and minds are telling us that we need a pick me up or an energy boost.

When we’re constantly on the go and don’t make time to care for ourselves, our energies become unbalanced or blocked, and our bodies and minds no longer work to their full potential, sometimes manifesting into challenges in our day to day lives. There are even times we become so withdrawn that we don’t want to do anything or be near anyone, we’d rather isolate ourselves and sleep the day away.

Even on these down days we must slow down and remember that it’s okay to take time for ourselves, to recalibrate and balance our energies.

There are many reasons in life why we become unbalanced; day to day life, work overwhelms us, poor diet, school stress, family frustrations, or even friends who seem to constantly suck the energy from you.

One easy step we can take every morning in order to cut out some of the energy drainage, is to look at the day to come with positivity, you’re alive for another day and that itself is an amazing thing!

If you really think about it, when we wake up in the morning with a negative attitude, the rest of our day ends up being as shitty as your attitude was that morning, which can often cause a spiral into a shitty week when it becomes a pattern. Now if we wake up with a positive, I can do this attitude, we tend to conquer our day!

Even if you’re completely dreading your day, if the outlook from the beginning of the day is positive, you’re going to have a good day, which in turn is creating positive change within you.

It’s simple, YOU DECIDE YOUR ENERGY, every thought and emotion you have is either depleting your energy or filling you with it!

So, remember, stay positive and positivity will come back to you in the form of energy and manifestations!

Here are 7 Natural ways to Boost your Energy for a More Positive Outlook on Life:

1. Healthy Diet

Poor food choice is a big part of why we don’t have energy, if we eat garbage, we feel like garbage.

Let’s be honest here, we all know that eating a well-balanced diet is what’s best for us, but we don’t always pay much attention to what we eat because the foods we should be fueling our bodies with aren’t as convenient as the fast foods you can just order and have made for you.

Personally, I opt for a whole food plant-based diet, focusing on minimally processed foods, vegetables and fruit, whole grains, legumes, seeds and nuts to fuel me.

I also eat intuitively, listening to my body and feeding it what it needs, when it needs it. And I don’t mean the voice of cravings wanting pizza and crap food, but instead, truly tuning into my body and listening to what foods would make me feel the best while also nourishing my body.

So, go look in your fridge and your cupboards, are you eating to nourish your body, or are you draining your energy with crappy foods? If it’s the latter, what can you change to boost your energy and your health.

Awesome bonus, eating these healthy colourful plant-based whole foods work wonders for your chakras!

Check Out my Recipes Tab for Some Colourful and Healthy Plant-Based Recipes!

2. Exercise

Move your body!

I cannot stress enough how important it is to move your body. To exercise regularly allows your body to release endorphins that boost your energy levels but also give you that extra boost of self confidence!

Even if you only have 5-10 minutes of free time, just get up and move. Do some jumping jacks, squats, go for a quick jog or a walk, do the nasty with your partner (sex does count!), anything to get your blood pumping, sweat pouring and your heart racing.

Do things that make you and your body feel good.

If you’re not up to going to the gym or you’re not feeling a full-on workout, stretch!

Yoga is a great option to get your body moving, a way to work your muscles in a light meditative way, and if you want to challenge yourself a little more, try hot yoga, I promise you’ll feel amazing after.

So, here I am, challenging you, if you have even five minutes today – which I know you do because you’ve made time to read this – I want you to get up and get moving! Do something that gets your heart rate up and I promise the effects you’ll feel, the energy you’ll have afterwards, it’ll be so rewarding.

3. Drink More Water/Stay Hydrated

Water is your friend, as it is, 60% of our bodies are made up of it!

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day can help you maintain your energy levels throughout the day, as well as being amazing for your health. If you’re dehydrated it can cause headaches, thirst, cravings, make you sleepy and your energy levels will become lower, possibly even plummet.

When we don’t drink enough water, our bodies tend to hold onto it, storing it away as if it’s afraid it’ll never get water again. This can cause us to retain water and become bloated, but if you start drinking enough every day, you can avoid the bloat or even get rid of it if you’re already bloated.

Is water to bland for you? Need a little flavour?

Add some slices of lemon or other citrus fruits, cucumber, berries or even herbs like mint or rosemary.

Click here for some different options!

4. Go for a Walk (Maybe even Barefoot?)

Get out and walk, walk around the block, down the street, on a trail, in a field, anywhere really.

Walk for 5 minutes or walk for hours, with people, or without, with you dog or not.

How and where you do it is up to you, but just get out and walk.

Take in the fresh air and relax.

A walk is an awesome way to just get away from your day to day stress and have some chill you time while also getting some light exercise in.

Taking a short walk could be the difference of your day being crap or amazing. This little action can help reduce the stress you’ve been holding in your body and mind throughout the day and boost the energy you may think is non-existent.

If you’re walking in nature, try taking off your shoes, let your bare feet connect with the earth, also known as Earthing. This grounding exercise can help relieve stress, increases your energy levels, stimulates deep and healthy sleep, and minimizes inflammation.

Why barefoot you ask?

Well your feet are directly connected to your Root Chakra, and what is your root chakra? Well it’s the first of seven energy centers within your body, it’s connected to our sense of safety, security and grounding ability.

It’s said that as we walk with our bare feet connecting to the earth, the energetic energy that flows through the earth makes an uplifting shift in the way our body functions, promoting and creating a deep sense of emotional, mental and physical well-being.

So, take a walk on the wild side (see what I did there? haha), remove those shoes and reap the extra benefits that mother earth has to offer you.

5. Spend Time with Uplifting People

Think about it like this, we’re all made of energy, the whole universe is; every bit of us and everything around us is made of matter which are merely balls of energy.

However, even though we’re all made of energy, each and every one of us emit our own frequency, some us vibrating on a high level and others, not so much.

The people we spend our time with can have a big effect on our energy, either uplifting us or dragging us down.

When we surround ourselves with low vibrational people and we’re vibrating on a higher frequency than everyone else, it can cause our energy to deplete, the person or people we’re with becoming something that’s commonly referred to as energy vampires; people who effortlessly drain our energy as they serve their ego over their soul, believing that the world revolves around them.

However, when we surround ourselves with high vibrational, uplifting people who serve their soul over their ego, you’ll notice that they are supportive, exude joy, and feel joy in seeing others succeed. These are the people we should surround ourselves with

It’s a lot easier to feel good and have high energy when you’re around people who are on the same level as you are, when you can feed each others’ souls instead of destroying them.

You are who you surround yourself with, so who are you going to be?

6. Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Sleep

We’ve been told all our lives to get at least eight hours of sleep every night, but let’s be honest, most of us don’t actually get the 7-9 hours our body truly needs to restore itself.

Poor sleep can be caused by many things, such as:

· Technology

· Poor diet

· Lack of routine

· Too much caffeine

· Not drinking enough water

· Stress

The more we allow these things to continue, the less sleep we get, which can wreak havoc on our body and mind, resulting in low energy on a daily basis.

So, what do we do, how do we change the way we’ve lived so long and in turn increase our energy levels?

The best way, is to start off with a daily routine, waking up and going to sleep at the same times every day and go from there.

One way to do this is, when you’re going to bed, set your phone to charge on the other side of your room and keep other technologies there too. It will help you stay off it, reducing your exposure to the blue light our screens emit which can reduce your melatonin levels keeping you from sleeping.

This simple step can also help with your morning routine if your phone is your alarm because you don’t have the ability to snooze the alarm, instead it forces you to get up and turn it off.

And if you generally use your phone at night to wind down by scrolling through your social media, switch it out for a book or a magazine. Reading before bed can help our minds separate sleep time from our stress of our day to day lives.

Here are a few ways to aid in a better night sleep:

· Routine (create a nighttime routine that you can do every night)

· Reduce technology use

· Drink caffeine free herbal teas

· Bed time yoga for better sleep (this can actually be done in the comfort of your bed)

· Meditate (Release that Stress!!)

· Diffuse some essential oils (a beautiful blend is 1 drop of Patchouli, 4 drops of Frankincense, and 3 drops of Sweet Orange)

· Have a hot bath (take some time for you, to relax and release the stress of the day)

· Make sure your bed is only being used for sleep and sex, no work or technologies in bed during the day

· Keep the temperature cool; between 60 – 68 degrees Fahrenheit to maximise sleep time.

· Sleep in darkness (artificial light – light caused by anything but the moon, stars or sun – can cause disruption to our sleep)

Just remember, sleep is crucial to have high vibe and positive energy through out the day, without it we’re dragging, our minds unable to function to the best of their ability.

If you’re unable to get enough sleep at night, you can also try taking a nap during the day, because sometimes a quick power nap is all we need to turn our day right around!

7. Get Some Sun!

Let’s get some Vitamin D!

We should all be getting at least 20 minutes of unprotected sunlight everyday to get our proper dose of Vitamin D, but in todays society, we’re expected to work nine to five jobs, many of us even having to work through our lunches and on weekends. This means often times, we see the sun as we walk into work and as we leave.

This doesn’t allow for us to spend much time outside, instead we sit inside a building, most the time, the only light we get throughout the day being from a fluorescent light bulb.

We need that time in the sun because the Vitamin D it supplies us with plays a large role in our metabolism and energy levels while also supporting our organ health and immune system. Not having enough Vitamin D in our system can cause, chronic health problems, aching bones and muscle weakness, depression, and constant tiredness. All able to be avoided by taking 20 minutes of your day to go out and enjoy the sun!

Plus, who doesn’t feel amazing outside with the warm rays of sun washing over their skin!

Now if 20 minutes a day isn’t possible for you, you can always take a Vitamin D supplement or a set of supplements that contains Vitamin D.

Personally, I love using the Life Long Vitality Pack from doTERRA,a company that offers a variety of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils that aid in maintaining and improving your health. This Vitality supplement pack offers a lot of benefits, including boosting my energy levels on a cellular level, it has improved my digestion and even helped me clear away that brain fog we all struggle with sometimes. The best part, it comes with the option of a Vegan Plant-Based Pack!

Contact Me Today For Your Free 30 Minute doTERRA Consultation

With the right guidance its not hard to naturally boost your energy levels. Adding a few simple habits to your daily routine can make all the difference.

So instead of reaching for a coffee or an energy drink, if you’re feeling down and/or struggling with your energy levels, add one or two of these tips to your daily life and watch how your mood and energy can change for the better.

The only person who can change your life is you, so as you move forward stay positive and remember, you decide your energy!

Love&Light Always,



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