5 Simple Infused Water Recipes to Help Kick that Soda Habit and Keep You Hydrated

Two liters.

Six to eight glasses.

This is how much water we need daily to stay hydrated and keep our bodies operating at an optimal level.

While we all know how important it is to drink plenty of water daily, it’s not always the easiest to do. Let’s be honest, water isn’t the most exciting thing to enjoy.

Most people now-a-days when they recognize the feeling of thirst will reach for sugary juices or sodas to hydrate themselves. This being because they don’t like the bland taste of water, they need that flavor that comes when they drink these sweet drinks.

However unfortunately for our bodies, when we drink these beverages, we are creating an acidic environment within our bodies, this can impair our enzyme function and can also make us dehydrated as it lowers our body’s water storage capacity, this being what is necessary to metabolize the excess sugar we are pouring into ourselves.

For one part of acidity it takes twenty parts of alkalinity to neutralize the effects, so that means if we drink one soda it will take us drinking twenty glasses of water to restore our body to its original state before we cracked open that soda and drank it.

So, remember to choose water, it’s your friend, keeping you hydrated and healthy.

Add a little flavor and you’ll never be bored with your water again.

If you need that extra boost of flavor added to your water without the negative effects that soda and sugary juices or drinks have on your body, here are 5 Simple Infused Water Recipes to Help Kick that Soda Habit and Keep You Hydrated.

Bonus, the fruits in these recipes are all alkaline and help to heal the body!

1. The Classic: Cucumber + Lemon + Lime:

This one is both super refreshing and classic, just toss in some slices of cucumber, lemon and lime with ice, sit back and relax as you’re instantly transported to the spa.

Remember, the longer you let it sit the stronger the flavor.

(Wash the lemon, cucumber and lime before you cut it up to make sure that you don’t have the taste of pesticide sprays in your water.)

2. Strawberry + Lime + Cucumber

A sweet twist on the previous recipe, replacing the lemon with slices of juicy strawberries while keeping the cucumber and lime, this makes for a sweeter taste while still being extremely refreshing.

3. Lemon + Wild Blueberry

This one gives you a summery blueberry lemonade vibe without the tartness, just toss in some frozen wild blueberries and slices of lemon.

You can also use regular blueberries; however wild blueberries are packed with more antioxidants, will give a sweeter taste and add a beautiful purple hue to your water.

4. Strawberry, Raspberry and Pomegranate

This antioxidant rich water helps neutralize free radicals within your body while also being incredibly delicious! Toss in some sliced strawberries, raspberries and pomegranate for a sweet treat!

*Add a little bit of fresh basil for a cocktail-esque vibe

5. Lemon and Raspberry

Another lemonade-like infused water with sweet raspberry. Toss in some fresh raspberries and slices of lemon for a colourful sweet-tart water.

*To elevate the taste of this water you can also add some fresh mint leaves

All these recipes can be created as single glasses or as pitchers to serve multiple people or if you’d like more than one glass of a single creation. So, whip up a batch and hydrate yourself!

If you find yourself missing the carbonation of soda, you can also create these delicious recipes using sparkling water.

Check out this Sparkling Water Maker and do it yourself.

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