Founder/Creator - Energy Healer - Writer - Entrepreneur

Amanda Leanne is an Entrepreneur.


She is a Certified Reiki Practitioner and Energy Healer, Aspiring Author, Business Owner, and the Creator of Plantiful Life.

For years Amanda struggled with finding skin and body-care products that she could use in her own life and decided to research and study everything she could in order to create her own products that were not only natural, but also plant-based and zero-waste.

Along this journey she realized just how many people she spoke to had the same problems that she had come across; so many of the readily available products in stores were packed full of needless chemicals, highly priced and in temporary plastic packaging that would end up in the oceans. So, she decided to do what ever she could to create a natural, plant-based and zero waste line of skin and body-care products for everyone to enjoy, and with that Plantiful Life was born.

​Along with her devotion to making sustainable skin and body-care products, Amanda also uses her writing skills to share her tips and tricks on living a healthy and positive lifestyle on her blog.

Amanda has the ultimate goal of helping others use self-care as a means of revitalizing their personal power and create a more sustainable planet in the process of self-growth.


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