About Amanda

Founder - Goddess - Energy Healer - Writer - Entrepreneur

Hello Lovelies, I'm Amanda, I'm 25 years young, an aspiring author, a healer, and an entrepreneur on a spiritual journey to become the best version of myself.


My journey started off rocky, I was struggling with self doubt and feeling as if I didn't have a place in this world.


Not sure what to do I decided to dive deeper into my health and spirituality, gaining knowledge and growing my understanding of my higher self.

While in the beginning stages of my spiritual journey I was blessed with the gift of meeting Tabatha, a woman who would unlock parts of myself I had locked away and open my mind to a new way of life, one filled with positivity, light, and an unwavering love for myself.

With this new found confidence and love for every bit of myself, I was able to dive deeper and heal myself further through my diet, committing completely to a Plant-Based Whole Food lifestyle. The day I made this conscious decision, I started the healing process of my body, repairing the damage I had done by fueling my body mainly with highly processed foods,

I now commit myself daily to being the best and healthiest possible version of myself that I can be, hoping to inspire change in others.

Just remember, each of us are on our own journey, living and learning as we go. If my blog can make an impact and inspire you to make a change for yourself, then I am happy.

Remember, it only takes one person to change your life, that person is you.



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